There’s a new way of accessing CBT with SilverCloud, an online CBT programme that offers support with managing stress, low mood, anxiety, and various long-term health conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, COPD, Diabetes II, Long-term Pain.

SilverCloud programmes are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – an effective way of learning about thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how they influence each other. SilverCloud has been clinically tested and the programmes have demonstrated high improvement rates for low mood, anxiety and stress.

We would recommend signing up to one programme at a time as you will need to engage with the information, use the interactive tools and most importantly you will need time to practice the techniques in your own daily life. If you choose to sign up to more than one programme at a time your online supporter may give you a call to discuss the most appropriate options with you.



If you think SilverCloud could be helpful then the first step is to sign up here:

A LIFT Practitioner will then be in contact to discuss the programme further, answer any questions you may have and arrange a first review session.

SilverCloud is available to anyone aged 16+ who is registered with a GP surgery in  Swindon.

If you are a professional and would like some more information on SilverCloud for your work then you are welcome to call us on 01793 836836.