This free course introduces Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy [MBCT] as a means of managing or overcoming long term anxiety and depression. MBCT differs from traditional CBT in that we do not try to change negative thoughts into more positive ones but instead practice recognising and breaking patterns of thinking such as worry or rumination. We do this by learning to control our mind by practicing maintaining awareness of our present moment experience such as our breathing or bodily sensation.

The course involves a significant element of mindfulness practice both in session and in between sessions at home, and it is important that you can commit to this.

The course runs for 6 weekly sessions.

To indicate your interest in the course please ring 01793 836836.

You may be contacted for a telephone interview.

For more information on mindfulness, the practices the course is built around and the evidence of its benefits see these websites:

Please note the course is not recommended for people with significant untreated trauma histories or who are currently experiencing significant suicidal thoughts.