Patient Feedback

“The course was great.”

“This course with reference to its contents and delivery was ideal, be it as new material or as a refresher.”

“Very friendly and helpful staff, thanks. Good to have refreshments and nice to be in a location where I could hear bird song.”

“The majority of techniques, very useful to have a variety of tools to use. Group was great, good to be with people having similar issues and bouncing off each other.”

“Small group. Cheerful, friendly, understanding facilitators who communicated the material in a clear manner. Clear and easy to use handouts.”

“A great resource to help me take control of my life.”

“The educational approach is a perfect way to start treatment, helps to understand it in an objective way and identify what the issues actually are and explain why.”

“The content was very useful and the environment and delivery of content was appropriate – didn’t feel anxious at all. Useful because it addressed issues that I had and gave me practical exercises to improve.”

“The facilitators were fantastic! My levels of anxiety and panic have dropped and I am now back at work. Thank you :)”

“Excellent practitioners who made it not only informative but also enjoyable – thank you.”

“I’ve learnt different techniques to put in my toolkit. Good handouts to take home, and friendly facilitators who are open to questions.”

“I found the whole course very helpful. So glad that I did it. Would recommend it to anyone.”

“Friendly and approachable trainers. Gave new ways of thinking about stress, low mood and worries. Good practical ideas. A thorough discussion gave me more confidence.”